Privacy Policy

This document describes the policy of Dr Simone Hughes for the management of her practice Creative Focus clients’ information. The psychological service provided is bound by the legal requirements of the National Privacy Principles from the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000.

Informed Consent and Confidentiality are important in psychological therapy. When a client consults with a clinical psychologist it is important they know about (a) informed consent, (b) the collection of their information and how it is stored, (c) the use of information, and (d) the limits to confidentiality.

INFORMED CONSENT: is discussed and obtained from you in your first consultation.

COLLECTION: relates to information that is necessary to properly advise and treat you. Such information may include your personal history, your family history, developmental history, relationship history, psychological test information, medicare/private health fund details, referral sources, and general client contact information. This information will normally be collected directly from you. You will be advised through the process of informed consent in your first consultation as to how information may be collected from other sources and what may occur in an emergency situation.  The limits to confidentiality will be detailed to you in your first session.


Client Information
Client files are held in a secure filing cabinet, locked room and building with alarm and security which is accessible only to authorised employees. The information on each file includes personal information such as name, address, contact phone numbers, and other information which is relevant to the psychological service being provided.

Purpose of holding information
The information is gathered as part of the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the client’s condition. The information is retained in order to document what happens during sessions, and enables the psychologist to provide a relevant and informed psychological service.

ACCESS:  At any stage clients may request to see the information about them kept on file and this is available to you under the Freedom of Information Act. The psychologist may discuss the contents with them and/ or give them a copy. Please know that Dr Hughes keeps ‘memory notes’ for her own purposes and thus information is unlikely to be meaningful to others.  All requests by clients for access to information held about them should be lodged using the contact details below. These requests will be responded to within 30 days and an appointment will be made if necessary for clarification purposes. We are entitled by law to charge a fee to meet our costs in providing you with details of the information we hold about you.

Please note that although you are entitled to access your own health records that access can be denied, if to provide access would create a serious threat to life or health; there is a legal impediment to access; that access would unreasonably impact on the privacy of another; it breaches agreements with suppliers regarding the circulation of psychological test material; your request is frivolous; the information relates to anticipated or actual legal proceedings and you would not be entitled to access the information in those proceedings.

Your request for access to your record will need to be in writing.

Where you dispute the accuracy of information recorded you are entitled to correct that information. However, this is against the information recorded as an amendment rather than the information being altered. All steps will be taken to record your corrections and place them with your file but the original record will not be erased.

If you have a concern about the management of your personal information, please contact us on the details provided below. Upon request you can obtain a copy of the National Privacy Principles, which describe your rights and how your information should be handled.

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By using this website, you consent to the collection, use and transfer of your information for contact or communication purposes.

All comments, queries and requests relating to our use of your information are welcome and should be addressed to

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